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I would like to Begin by explaining that I’m not a doctor and never aspired to be one….

I can tell you, that I’ve SEEN many.  Because I was orphaned as a small child, people seemed to think that I was pre-destined to have problems as I got older.  Indeed, I’ve seen a slew doctors of the mind, both as an adult and a child. Some have told me that I am perfectly “normal” and some have said that I have a whole list of ailments that they all seem to think they could “fix” with a magic pill or a wave of their wands. In saying that, I don’t have anything against them either. They are just not for me.  I believe that everything you need to survive in this world, lives right inside you.  Indeed, at times, it may seem that there is no end to the despair….Actually, that very feeling of pain and sorrow is a gift.  It is what brings me hope during the rough days, by reminding me that I am still alive. 

I used to SWEAR, that I was “nothing special“,  in comparison to anyone in the past, present and future.  I am but a grain of salt in this big blue ball, so I often wondered if I was forgotten.  The truth is, I’m just a common, ordinary average woman who’s  name won’t ever be in lights. I have many rather common thoughts while I live out my rather hard, but common life.  There will be no monuments dedicated to me after I am gone, for sooner than I’d like to think, my name will be forgotten.  


 I am indeed, still very special and have a purpose, just like you do.  We were planned to be here from the beginning, and each one of us has a purpose. Life is a training ground, not a vacation, so we can’t expect anything short of hardships. I am proud to say that what make me special is that I know how to love without worry. Many have other talents, but lack at this.  I may not be the best at it, but I I’ve loved others with all my heart and soul, the only way I know how….

…And to me, this has always been enough! 

I sure hope that this stop you made into my little corner of the cyber world, has brought you at least a smile.  We all need each-other, and it’s nice to know it’s YOU I am here with. Feel free to comment on my posts as I love to hear the ideas of others, and together maybe we can just change the world!

Stay safe and be good cuz…I’m always watchin’ …..