Why Health Care in America Sucks

Well for starters, people seems to care more about GREEN…and not nature…the dollar…So..what’s my problem??

Physicians Regional Medical Center In Florida..MY STORY

As these words were coming out of my mouth during my being forcefully escorted out of the emergency room today, I thought, this would make a good post. So my youngest daughter stepped on a piece of glass a few days back. Me, being a mother of 5, using tweezers has become second nature to me. I removed the glass from my little Moon’s foot, but wait…there’s more. Tonight, after giving her a bath, I noticed that there was an infection in her foot. Since it was too late to go to her doctor, I went straight to the ER. That was my FIRST mistake. It turned out that she had a bigger infection then I expected and she was actually treated very kindly by the nurses. My problem came as I was leaving….. You know MONEY…..we have Medicaid. Most of you know that we have just come back from a Christian Missionary trip to Africa, and have found it quite difficult to find jobs. I, being nearly deaf, am having the most trouble, despite quite an impressive resume, if I must say so…lol Anyhoo, I walked out of the hospital thinking we were done, as I still had to get Miss Moon her antibiotics from the pharmacy……..A woman came RUNNING after me to lead me back into the building. WOW, I forgot to sign a form. How silly of me, since I signed about 50 while in the ER. THEY WANTED THEIR PAYMENT. Did I mention that we had Medicaid? Well, I got a bit loud because the more I tell people that I am deaf….the quieter they become. This is a bit irritating to say the least. Top that off with a screaming 2 year old, who had just had her foot cut open and drained of infection, well, SuperGirl got “Not So Super.” So I signed the stupid papers, but they insisted that I pay money out of pocket. I laughed, said some “choice words” and told them not to bother billing me, to save some trees, and because they were not going to see a penny, so I didn’t want to waist their time.
(Just trying to be polite)

At that point, a security officer removed me from the building. Well, I don’t like to be forced by anyone to do anything….at least if I am not breaking any laws, so I ranted all the way into my car. This made my Moon laugh…so it was worth it. But wait…..there’s more. I get to the pharmacy and they too, wanted like $100 for 2 prescriptions…Did I mention that I had Medicaid?? I blew up again. Boy, how quickly things get straightened out, when you get a bit loud. Well, that was my evening.

In closing: Michael Moore’s documentary Sicko trumpets France as one of the most effective providers of universal health care. His conclusions and fist-in-your-gut approach may drive some Americans up the wall. But whatever you think of Moore, the French system—a complex mix of private and public financing—offers valuable lessons for would-be health-care reformers in the U.S.



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