Missionary Diaries

My Mission To Uganda Africa – 2009
My family and I returned home from Uganda on Dec. 2, after spending 90 days on a mission camp in a very remote jungle region of the country. Before our departure for Africa, we set goals for ourselves and communicated our intentions to our supporters. During our stay, we took many photographs, we were presented with dozens of unsolicited testimonials from the locals of the area in regard to our work on the camp, and received a glowing review from the organisation that we had partnered with.  We encountered many unexpected twists. Christian missionary work is by no means a walk in the park. Many of the realities I witnessed left me speechless. The worst of what I saw in Uganda was beyond heart breaking, and often bordered on terrifying.

Our calling in Africa and the world is far from closure.

The degree of corruption there is staggering, and the tension between various factions can reach rather intimidating levels. We made very close and binding friendships there, and we remain in contact with them as we plan our return trip. We now have a far more detailed and accurate understanding of the needs in Uganda and the world itself, that there is no end to what can be accomplished.I am currently in the process of developing a non-profit organisation all my own, that will serve to meet the needs of those suffering in Uganda and beyond. We are building this new organisation based on the knowledge of those who have come before us, as well as direct input from those who have benefited from they’re work.

It is true, you all do not share my beliefs, and some don’t even understand why I am doing what it is that I am doing…….it is your tolerance, and your willingness to accept me for who I have become, that brings me great joy, and comforts me when I feel the world has gone mad.

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